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The Data API is what you will use to retrieve your user’s data and manage your interaction with ZivaCare API programmatically.
A full list of queries is available in the API reference section

What is the Data API?

The ZivaCare Data API provides comprehensive health data served over a REST based API using JSON data for request and response payloads. This section assumes that you have registered users and retrieved their access tokens using the ZivaCare Connect popup. If you haven’t done that yet, please read the ZivaCare Connect section of the documentation. Once you have retrieved and stored the access token for the user, you can query the data from ZivaCare API as outlined below.

Querying a user’s health data

To query a user’s health data all you need to do is use their access_token to GET one of the ZivaCare API endpoints A standard query looks like this:


You can always give an endpoint a try with the demo token to see how it works. For example:


Before you start to write your data retrieval infrastructure, you will want to review a few things:

  1. The API Conventions section, which covers all important conventions that the ZivaCare API follows.
  2. The Demo Data section, which covers how to work with demo data while you prototype and integrate.
  3. The comprehensive endpoint list, which covers all of the Data API endpoints.

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